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Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, festival celebration with friends and family; these are some of the private dinner and dance events where you want to create memories with your loved ones that you would cherish for lifetime.


Organizing such private dinner and dance events in Singapore at your end could prove to be a hassling task for you, especially when you don’t have the experience in what and how to do. Moreover you wouldn’t want to be engaged in managing things instead of revelling in the moments with your guests. 

Luksh Event Concierge Takes the Trouble Out of Your Hand
When you don’t want to face a situation where the caterer ran out of food, or a DJ that can’t understand what audience wants, we are here for you to ensure that your private party is entertaining, wonderful and interactive that provides fun, relaxation and leaves a lasting impression on your guests’ mind.

From creating a themed party to an intimate cocktail gathering, a soiree, a themed wedding celebration, to high-end entertainment of any type we will make it happen for you. We know how and where any event can go wrong and this is where our holistic and all-encompassing approach comes to the fore to avoid any cumbersome situation and create an event that reflects your personality and makes your visitants go ‘wow’.

We have a team of experienced planners and industry-experts who possess deep knowledge along with profound relationship with caterers, vendors and marketplaces which comes handy during the entire event management procedure.

Want budget-specific and quality private event services in Singapore? Contact us right away!

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