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You have been together for long time, you hit the right chemistry notes together, you love spending time with them, and you know they are the perfect partner for you. Now what? Now’s the time to take a step forward and pop the question to them crafting intimate wedding proposal. 

You would want a perfect time, occasion and a surrounding that is intimate, beautiful and warm that provides the perfect setting for you to ask them.

Enter Luksh Event Concierge, your ideal partner to create the beautiful moment and surrounding for your romantic wedding proposal in Singapore.

Ensuring Yes From Her – Thoughtfully Planned Proposals
From intimate to romantic, glamorous, sophisticated or out-of-the-box, whatever you have in your mind we can help create that wedding proposal. Or if you are uncertain about what type of proposal to move forward with, our professional wedding proposal planner would stitch together the best idea for you based on your perspective of your fiancée-to-be. Whether you want to propose inside a romantic room décor, or pop your question mid-way an intimate dinner, or looking for a sunset picnic moment, you can trust us to fashion the perfect moment that will be beyond your imagination and which you both will fondly remember forever.


We can help coordinate the event from conceptualization right up to the moment she says yes, and beyond that. We would tie your ideas together, help you decide the perfect venue, time and would create a themed, decorative or specialized atmosphere that would be the ideal setting.  From creating custom proposals to do-it-yourself proposals to picking and creating the ideal proposal with our experts, you can count on us to deliver on one of your life’s most important event and day.

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